A platform where all the game developers in the world can join the ecosystem, advertisers can meet the ad zones through the innovating real time-bidding technology.

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Obligatory full screen ads are intrusive, annoying, disruptive and produce universal frustration and outrage.This damages not only the gaming experience but also the perception of advertising. Portuma’s aim is to create an in-game ad to let gamers play freely without damaging the gameplay.


1 Billion




15 Million

Daily Unique Users


Different Categories


Real life like ads inserted into games so that ads and games resemble even more to the real world environment


Uninterrupted gameplay with intelligently thought blended ads.


Well thought interesting ad zones where the only limit is your imagination


Real time statistics that let brands communicate with the players in an interactive way.




Portuma Uses IAB-Accepted Ad Ratios!

We have adapted our substructure and technology to the standards of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

From now on, game studios can have ad space on global ad ratios via one SDK! You can see global advertisers in your games by integrating our SDK into your system, no matter where you are!

Portuma Launch Event

Portuma launch, which took place at Dedeman Istanbul Hotel on October 5, attracted great attention! There was a large attendance consisting of leading names of the game industry, investors, exchange companies and academicians. The video of the event where we introduced the Portuma ecosystem is on our channel.

Burger Logo

Portuma X Burger King Case Study

Thanks to Portuma, Burger King was able to directly monitor the performance of its ads and clearly measure the impact of its advertising campaigns. In addition, the fact that Portuma is a new medium has brought a fresh breath to the company's marketing strategy, in line with Burger King's innovative and pioneering identity.


Release Time

30 days





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First in-game ads and metaverse
Token on Blockchain

We offer the new solution of the crypto and advertising world with the system of play, watch and earn. You can build user loyalty by integrating Portoken into your game system.





In-game advertising is a breakthrough monetization strategy game studios use to boost their income. The best part about this innovative technology is those game developers earn money via increased download and impression rates and get paid by the providers to show ads to the gamers. As Portuma, we meeten advertisers and game studios in a mutual ecosystem.

Publishers that are integrated into our ecosystem have the chance to use in game ad spaces via Portuma’s technology. While these in game advertising spaces are organized via do not disrupt the game flow and the game experience, they are also effective for gamers to play without any interruption by pop-up ads.

In-game advertising is a type of new channel in digital marketing that subconsciously takes place in gamers’ minds due to ad spaces naturally fitting in the game zone, even though they are visible.

In game advertising creates a new area for publishers (game studios) and advertisers. While advertisers can show their ads to a new target audience, publishers have more retention and impression rates due to the natural structure of in game ads. Since they are not harmful to game flow and the gamers’ experience, the effects are remarkable for every participant in the ecosystem.

Digital marketing is shifting its method and process, currently. In-game ads have become popular, consequently, the need for improved user experience in the gaming world. Most gamers aren't satisfied with pop-up ads because they create a jump-scare effect in the middle of the game. On the other side, it was marketing itself shifting its methods because users' fields of interest are changing. Once social media advertisements and Google Ads are enough, nowadays, advertisers look for new advertising spaces to reach the correct target audience.

In this manner, in game advertising became the new way of creating innovative and integrated advertisement spaces. Brands and advertisers can have additional advertisement spaces, and game studios (publishers) increase their revenue by increasing impression and retention rates.

On the other hand, traditional digital marketing trends are not enough by themselves. Since people's interests are changing, a new advertisement space need has been born. Pop-up advertisements do not leave enough space for gamers. This situation creates an unpleasant experience for gamers.

We create a platform where worldwide game developers, brands, advertisers, and gamers can be included in the ecosystem. In game ads are also crucial for mobile game developers, video game developers, and game console companies.

Active gamer numbers were 36 million in Turkey in 2021, and it is known that at the end of the year 2022, this number will be increased to 179,6 million per month in the USA. That means half of the population of the USA will define themselves as digital players. In this expanded sector, in game ads have a critical effect since they form a large part of the population.

Gamers compose such a large part of the consumers. For this reason, advertisers start to pay attention to them in their advertising activities. In game advertising is the technology to advertise in video games; is going to help businesses to create an expanding and interactive audience.

Since in-game advertising became a new trend in the gaming sector, many brands in different sectors realize its importance for reaching new audiences. In-game ads use an end-product technology to make show advertisements in video games and mobile games. In this way, advertisements blended into games within the in game ads technology and do not harm the gameplay and the gamer’s experience.

Advertisers and game studios (publishers) can enjoy this mutual ecosystem by benefitting themselves.

Portuma is a creative, effective, and innovative in-game advertising platform in Turkey and among the counted ones worldwide. Portuma breaking new grounds in Turkey since no other company do it in Turkey before. A mutual environment that involves brands, advertisers, publishers, game studios, game developers, and gamers; make a every participant a winner in this ecosystem.

Portuma collaborated with lots of advertisement infrastructure providers such as Adjust, Adsyield, Admixer, and Adform. The company is founded at 2021 and succeeded many projects. Portuma has over 5 million daily active users, actively used in 170 countries.



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