Frequently Asked Questions

Portuma is the platform which places digital ads directly in to the games. In brief, it is a company of in-game advertisements. It has a structure that respects to player and reaches to target audience realistically and indirectly.

In-game ads do not interrupt the player’s experience like the other types of ads, thus creating a more positive attitude towards ads. For instance, there is no obligation to watch ads before or in the middle of the game with Portuma, it respects the gamer and the game experience.

There are a lot of advantages of Portuma. Some of them are; opportunities of unique product placement, interactive ads, positive game experiences, increasing awareness of brand, communicate to hard to reach audience and so on.

The game industry is a fast-growing market. The future is in this direction and we should adapt to future. Therefore, investors already want to take their places of the future.

In game ads are showed to people indirectly and without disturb the games. In a nutshell, Portuma change the attitudes of ads from negative to positive. Besides of this, by 2021, the number of gamers increased to almost 3 billion. It means that the audience is too large and comprehensive.

While game of players is not interrupted by in-game ads, it provides the opportunity of income source for game developers.

Portoken is the first token of in-game advertising. Portoken which is the product of Portuma project aims to create a platform where companies can advertise using block chain technology and creating value for all the brands by strengthening the game ad network. You can also check https://www.portoken.com

The game, the gamer and the advertiser win at the same time with Portoken. The Play/Watch and Earn system makes this possible. The advertisers give the message which they want, the game developers earn money with the advertisements and the players generate income through the system.

You can contact to us with hello@portuma.com or you can fill the page of Developers&Advertisers, we can contact with you.


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